Infographics: 3 Ways to play

Infographics: Do You Know How To Play The Madden Mobile Game?

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To those who are new to the game and don’t know what to do and how to go around it this infographic can help you play the game properly while enjoying the experience. Now, let’s start with the controls. It is a simple, really, all you have to do is to use the analog stick, if it is there, or if you have a Touch as your control then turn on the tap and hold it, then guide your player to any direction that you wish to move. Easy enough to follow, right?

There’s more to know about the control options. You will notice that the first analog stick shows you the direction of the player when it runs but the second analog stick is for the speed and direction. Now, that you finally got used to the feel of your character’s movement, you can now explore the layout of the game.

What Is A Madden Mobile Game? A brief introduction

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Once you got everything under control without using Madden Mobile Hack let’s talk about the game. Here you can find some common list that you will find when playing the game.

Offense and Defense styles in Madden Mobile

The offense

  1. You can perform offensive skill moves.
  2. There’s the pass the ball
  3. You can tap the play art button. When it is in a 3D gameplay you can see the routes and the play art when you want to run on the play.
  4. And perform the juke. It is a simple swiping in the direction of left and right or back on the screen in a correct timing of the game.

The defense

  1. There’s the control defense
  2. Then the switch players in defense
  3. You can perform the defensive skills
  4. When you see the yellow arrow be sure to intercept the ball
  5. Now kick the ball
  6. You can call a play. After each play of the game, you will see the playcalling window appear on your screen. This is where you can choose the player’s type, or learn more information and suggestion.
  7. Now snap the ball. By simply tapping the screen.
  8. If you want, you can call a time out. It is simply by pausing the game.

In-Game Currency

Now that you learn how to play the game right, you can finally enjoy your experience and try to get the hang of it. There are some few things that you need to know. The madden cash, the items, and the store. If you want to get the madden cash all you need to do is tap on the plus button once you finally decide on your choice you can just tap the USD for real currency cost button in front of your screen or use the Madden Mobile Hack.

When you got everything right, you will get to purchase some items that you wanted to get and when it’s all done your total madden cash will be increased in whatever item that you pick. If you want to earn more coins try to play the season mode, head of the heads matches and live events. But you wanted to get those item packs, right? You can get them by paying your coins or madden mobile cash hack, simple as that.  With that knowledge given to you, you are ready to play the game. So, have fun.