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An introduction to Madden game history

Originally NFL game is made in USA. Before the year 1993, it was named as John Madden Football. The game is being developed by Electronic Arts the Sports division (EA Tiburon). The brand is here about 28 years, so it is a very very long time… 🙂 The game has about 25 great unique features that make the game a far ahead of the competition.

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What are those best features of Madden franchise?

  • 11 players on 11 players
  • A 3d ambulance
  • Licenses for real NFL logo and Players
  • Real use of player names for the first time
  • You can create your player
  • You can trade, sign free agents in multiple seasons
  • You can challenge your skills against other players
  • Every year it has the players face on its logo
  • You can own your players
  • It has the hit stick
  • You can make a superstar from your character
  • Dynamic Player Performance
  • The game is now on smartphones as Madden Mobile

Game is an extremely popular game, it is played by more than millions of players. The madden players have more than 100 million users. It is really popular in the United States. The game contains a voice commentary so you can feel like you watch it on the TV, but you direct it your own way. There was even a museum dedicated to the madden located in New York City. The newest game from this franchise was released this year and is called Madden NFL 17. It got released on the old gen and current gen and also on PC. The game got really popular and a lot of players wanted coins, xp and cash fastly, so we have created a website about the best Madden Mobile Hack for Coins.

It was released on Xbox 360, PS3, XBox One, PS 4 and on PC. Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots is featured on the cover image. The Madden game is also stacked in interesting experiment, it can predict the winners of real life matches. It has predicted 9 of 13 Superbowl winners.

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